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Been in this shit since 92, look at all the bullshit ive been through. Got no time for haters. Currently living in Auckland, NZ. Doing my own thing. Loves fashion, music, tattoos and whatever goes †
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My saturday night, cant sleep. WHY THE FUCK NOT!

Just because my life sucked

Just because I wanted to feel so I started cutting myself

Just because everyone made me feel worthless I became a rebel

Just because I felt lonely, I fell in love with the wrong guy, for all the wrong reasons

Just because I had my son young doesnt mean ‘I had a one night stand’

Just because old friends never talk to me anyone, I couldn’t be any happier

Just because its me and son against the world, I am not taking SHIT from anyone ANYMORE!

Just because you know my name does not mean you know my story


  • Finally online today but now my laptop is about to die, should have charged it last night, arrrrgh. F4F anyone? My blog is looking a lil boring.
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